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3130 Talmage Avenue Southeast
Minneapolis, MN, 55414
United States


Who We Are

Our Minnesota and Wisconsin farmers provide us with sustainable produce and dairy products that make our salads the very best.  You can find them available in supermarkets and deli's throughout the Twin Cities.  

Ed Fields & Sons

Making fresh salads means using fresh ingredients.  Enter Ed Fields & Sons; Ed and Lorraine Fields began farming their land in the 1940's and have since passed the operation on to sons' Gary and Ed.  The peet soil on which they farm is 14 feet deep in some places and naturally high in nitrogen making it perfect for farming the potatoes and beets for our salads.

Larry Shultz Organic Farms

Larry was raised on a small family farm outside of Owatonna, MN. His parents, Alvin & Helen Schultz, have always farmed organically. When farm chemicals came into use in the 1950’s & 60’s, they never changed their farming practices. When Larry started farming in the mid 1980’s, he followed in their footsteps using organic methods. He started selling eggs in the Twin Cities Metro area in 1992.

Native Minnesota Wild Rice

Wild Rice, Minnesota's State Grain, is almost as old as history itself. This highly nutritious grain is not actually rice, but an annual water-grass seed, "zizania aquatica". Naturally abundant in the cold rivers and lakes of Minnesota and Canada, wild rice was the staple in the diet of the Chippewa and Sioux Indians, native to this region.

Even today, the wild rice grown on Minnesota state waters is regulated and must be harvested in the traditional Indian way. That means one must first purchase a license, then harvest wild rice during state regulated seasons. The rice must be harvested from a canoe, utilizing only a pole for power and two rice beater sticks as flails to knock the mature seeds into the bottom of the boat.