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3130 Talmage Avenue Southeast
Minneapolis, MN, 55414
United States


Family Owned For Over 30 Years

Robert goldetsky

"My father worked for a produce company in the 60's. We worked with him on Saturdays unloading trucks and helping out.  It was an interesting business. They had their own processing room, and one day they asked my brother and I to be jobbers for them; that means they were looking to expand their business by having us buy from them and sell to restaurants and institutions.

So we said OK, went out and found customers  One of our first customers had several restaurants in the area, and we delivered to each one individually. One day they called us and said they didn't want to cut their own vegetables anymore. 

Our next customer wanted some coleslaw and potato salad, and it just  kept growing from there.  One of the people that had worked for the company where my father worked came to us and asked us if we had any interest in making wet salads, i.e. pasta salads, potato salads and the like.

It took years and years to grow the business.  Our biggest challenge for doing this was to get the freshest possible product to our customers in a timely manner.  Freshness, flavor and service have always been the most important things to our company and still are to this day."

- Robert Goldetsky, Owner